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To Become a Fellow

The mission of the Academy is "the Cultivation and Improvement of the Science and Art of Surgery, the Elevation of the Medical Profession, [and] the Promotion of the Public Health..."

To become a Fellow of the Academy, The candidate must be a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy who has graduated from a reputable School of Medicine or Osteopathy and is either board certified in a surgical specialty by an American Board of Medical Specialties Board or a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. “Those wishing to participate in the scientific mission of the Academy must be proposed for Fellowship by a Fellow in good standing. The proposal must be supported by one other Fellow in good standing. The application for Fellowship consists of the proposed candidate’s curriculum vitae and letters from the proposing Fellow and the supporting Fellow.” The candidate for Fellowship must receive the approval of the Council at two Council meetings before the candidate's name may be presented to the Academy as a candidate for election. The candidate must meet such other requirements as are, from time to time, stipulated by the By-Laws.

Proposals shall be considered by the Council upon receipt of letters and the curriculum vitae. Fellows interested in proposing or supporting a candidate Click Here.

A curriculum vitae and both letters should be sent to the Secretary of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery:

Secretary, Philadelphia Academy of Surgery
Re: Fellowship
P.O. Box 19
Wynnewood, PA 19096-0019

Honorary Fellows

Since the founding of the Academy, it has conferred Honorary Fellowships on surgeons who were noteworthy nationally and internationally. In 1881, Samuel D. Gross, the Founding President, suggested a list of 13 surgeons, all of whom were elected. Others have been elected on occasion since, including the 50th, 75th and 100th anniversaries of the Academy and the Millennium of 2000. The last ceremony was held in front of the Gross Clinic at the Thomas Jefferson University. The highlight was the brilliant description of Thomas Eakins' famous painting given by former Academy President and noted Gross historian, Frederick A. Wagner, then in his 80's and totally blind

Elected 1881

Sir James Paget, London, England

W. W. Dawson, Cincinnati, OH

Theodor Billroth, Vienna, Austria

T. G. Richardson, New Orleans, LA

Bernhard von Langenbeck, Berlin, Germany

J. Collins Warren, Boston, MA

Willard Parker, New York, NY

W. T. Briggs, Nashville, TN

Lewis A. Sayre, New York, NY

Christopher Johnston, Baltimore, MD

Moses Gunn, Chicago, IL

D. W. Yandell, Louisville, KY

John T. Hodgen, St. Louis, MO

Elected 1898

Maurice H. Richardson, Boston, MA

Nicholas Senn, Chicago, IL

George M. Sternberg, Washington, DC

Theodore F. Prewitt, St. Louis, MO

Charles H. McBurney, New York, NY

Hunter McGuire, Richmond, VA

L. McLane Tiffany, Baltimore, MD

Nathaniel P. Dandridge, Cincinnati, OH

Roswell Park, Buffalo, NY

Robert F. Weir, New York, NY

Frederick S. Dennis, New York, NY

Elected 1900

W. H. A. Jacobson, London, England

Theodore Kocher, Berne, Switzerland

Vincenz Czerny, Heidelberg, Germany

Elected 1906

Dudley P. Allen, Cleveland, OH

Robert Abbe, New York, NY

C. B. G. de Nancrede, Ann Arbor, MI

William J. Mayo, Rochester, MN

Elected 1907

John C. Munro, Boston, MA

Elected 1908

J. Ewing Mears, Philadelphia, PA

Elected 1909

Lewis Stephen Pilcher, Brooklyn, NY

Elected 1916

Wm. W. Keen, Philadelphia, PA

Elected 1920

Henry R. Wharton, Philadelphia, PA

Elected 1927

J. Chalmers DaCosta, Philadelphia, PA

Elected 1929

D'Arcy Power, London, England

Albin Lambotte, Esneux, Belgium

Henri Hartmann, Paris, France

Theodore Tuffier, Paris, France

Joseph Guyot, Bordeaux, France

Georges Jeanneney, Bordeaux, France

Fritz de Quervain, Berne, Switzerland

Berkeley Moynihan, Leeds, England

Harvey Cushing, Boston, MA

Edward W. Archibald, Montreal, Canada

John M. T. Finney, Baltimore, MD

Evarts Graham, St. Louis, MO

Ellsworth Elliot, Jr., New York, NY

Rudolph Matas, New Orleans, LA

Dean D. Lewis, Baltimore, MD

Eugene H. Pool, New York, NY

George W. Crile, Cleveland, OH

Edward Starr Judd, Rochester, MN

Dallas B. Phemister, Chicago, IL

Elected 1933

John H. Jopson, Mills, NC

Elected 1954

Harold Foss, Danville, PA

Digby Chamberlain, Leeds, England

Fred Coller, Ann Arbor, MI

Howard Nafziger, San Francisco, CA

Arthur Allen, Boston, MA

Erik Husfeldt, Copenhagen, Denmark

Allen O. Whipple, New York, NY

Sir James Patterson Ross, London, England

Elected 1979

J. Englebert Dunphy, San Francisco, CA

Francis D. Moore, Boston, MA

Owen Wangensteen, Minneapolis, MN

Clarence Crafoord, Sweden

John Goligher, Leeds, England

Rodney Smith, The Right Hon. Lord of Marlow, London England

William Longmire, Los Angeles, CA

David Sabiston, Durham, NC

Robert Zollinger, Columbus, OH

Elected 1989

Michael DeBakey, Houston, TX

Elected 2000

Judah Folkman, Boston, MA

John L. Cameron, Baltimore, MD

Lazar J. Greenfield, Ann Arbor, MI

James D. Hardy, Jackson, MS

Alden H. Harken, Denver, CO

Claude H. Organ, Jr., Oakland, CA

Basil A. Pruitt, Jr., San Antonio, TX

George F. Sheldon, Chapel Hill, NC

Frank C. Spencer, New York, NY

Thomas E. Starzl, Pittsburgh, PA

Donald D. Trunkey, Portland, OR

Douglas W. Wilmore, Boston MA

Elected 2006

R. Scott Jones, Charlottesville, VA

Elected 2013

Stanley J. Dudrick, Naugatuck, CT