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About Us

About The Philadelphia Academy of Surgery

The Philadelphia Academy of Surgery was founded in 1879 by Samuel D. Gross, M.D., the chair of surgery at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Academy of Surgery is the oldest continuously meeting surgical society in the United States. The Philadelphia Academy predates Gross' founding of the American Surgical Association, which is widely considered to be the nation's most prestigious surgical society.

As stated in its constitution, "The object of the Academy shall be the Cultivation and Improvement of the Science and Art of Surgery, the Elevation of the Medical Profession, the Promotion of the Public Health, and such other matters as may come legitimately within its sphere." Toward this end, the Academy of Surgery typically holds dinner meetings eight times each year; six meetings are usually held at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia (19 S. 22nd Street, Philadelphia) and the seventh is held jointly with the New York Surgical Society and the Boston Surgical Society   The final meeting of the year is held jointly with the Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. The dates and times of this year's meetings can be found on our Calendar of Events tab. Non-members may attend at the invitation of a member. Particularly significant events include the Rhoads Annual Oration, the Erb Lecture, and the Clarke Lectureship. The Academy also sponsors a yearly Surgical Trainee Paper Competition for the Chris Tzarnas Surgical Research Award and presents the prestigious Samuel D. Gross Prize once every five years.

Executive Council


Orlando Kirton, M.D.

President Elect

Nicole M. Saur, M.D.

Vice President

Francesco Palazzo, M.D.

Scientific Program Officer

Jeffrey Farma, M.D.


Lisa Reid, M.D.


Joshua Marks, M.D.

Past President

Michael Weingarten, M.D., MBA


Asanthi Ratnasekera, D.O.


Kay Yoon-Flannery, D.O.


Maria Altieri, M.D.

Executive Director

Niels Martin, M.D.

Executive Director Emeritus

John R. Clarke, M.D.

Executive Administrator

Myra Rodriguez, MBA

Past Presidents and Officers
Past Executive Directors and Administrators

Event Photos

Drs. Carpenter and Bauer with the January speaker, Dr. Sands.

Incoming President Thomas Bauer congratulating outgoing President Jeffrey Carpenter for his service, on behalf of the Fellows of the Academy.

Drs. Jeffrey Carpenter, President, Linton Whitaker, 2012 Rhoads Orator, following the December 2012 meeting.

Drs. Chris Tzarnas, Program Chair, Selwyn Rogers, Speaker, and Past-Presidents Chris Pezzi and Linwood Haith following the November 2012 meeting.